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"Welcome to the Book of Jacks. As you can see in these pages, Jack Russell Terriers are very special beings. We do not believe in conformity, so you will never find two Jacks exactly alike. We do not believe in discrimination either, so you will never find a Jack left off these pages because of his or her looks.

We do believe in being loving, strong, devoted, silly, sleeping in the bed and eating chicken every night. We also know that furniture is a launching pad, and that people are for standing on. We believe in giving lots of kissies, too, and that gardens are for digging and mousies are for catching.

So, if you are a Jack, please register so we can get to know you. Visit the JackTable, where we talk talk talk about all matters concerning Jacks, and laugh laugh laugh at the people. If you are NOT a Jack, well....we may like you a lot, and we will treat you with respect and very politely, but we do feel a little teeny bit sorry for you, because ... well, you are not a Jack!"

         -- Nibbs, Queen of all Jack Russell Terriers EveryWhere"

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