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Jack Russell Parson Russell Terrier Open Breeders Directory - Website breeder listing service with useful information and links, open to all registries

Jack Russell Terrier Register of Health and Merit - Central clearing house of the Jack/Parson Russell Terrier for verified genetic tests and meritorious awards earned for the individuals of the breed that participate in the Register.

JRTCA Breeder Directory - Listing of registered JRTCA Jack breeders and JRTCA Stud Book

PRTAA Breeder Referral - Listing of registered PRTAA Jack breeders (AKC registerable)

Solid Rock Terriers - We are a small kennel located in the panhandle of Idaho. We strive to produce terriers that are sound of both body and mind. All of our beeding terriers are registered with the JRTCA and fully health and temperament tested. We are always up for "talking terriers" so feel free to contact us!

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