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Abby - Part of Kirk Dickinson's Rogue Gallery

Annie Pratt - Marcus H. Bolen's half-sister.

Bacchus: Dog of Whine - Bacchus' home page

Ben - An Irish Jack

Bertram z Rataj - Photos and pedigree of a PRT Bertram who lives in the Czech Republic.

Bonaparte - Bonaparte from DownUnder

Bucky & Rosie & Willow - Hey, come visit!

Buzz - Visit Buzz at his Dog House

Clio - The most pampered dog in Charlottesville, VA (1995)

Coco - A page about Coco and her friends

Coleman's Jack Russell Terrier - A Jack Russell named Zipper

Cozmo - Visit Cozmo's DawgHouse

Crazy Daisy - I am a crazy JRT who just can't wait for you to visit my site. it has pictures, links, stories, and a nifty guestbook. Why wouldn't you want to see my cute darling innocent little Jack Russell face? Don't deny it, just visit it.

Cynthia & Frankie - An interesting, storytelling site

Daisy Mae - Check out Daisy Mae's place

Dooley - This is my JRT page, mostly pictures at the moment. Check out Dooley and friends!

Goliath - A rather large Canadian Jack

Hank - Marcus H. Bolen's half-brother.

Heidi, Hannah and Holly - Come visit with my three H's!

Henriette - About "Jopper" a real Jack Russel...how and where he lives.

Jack & Parson Russell Terriers of DHA - Community site for people who share my passion for JR and PR dogs, Arabian Horses and Dexter Cattle. Home of Suzette and her family of terrorists.

Jack & Viviana's Run - They're back! Roaming the streets of New York City.

Jack Russel Terrier Welpen .... - Mein Mann und ich züchten Jack Russel Terrier aus Liebe & Leidenschaft, auf den folgenden Seiten möchten wir Ihnen unsere Jack Russel Terrier und natürlich auch Ihre Jack Russel Terrier Welpen vorstellen. Wir hoffen sie gefallen Ihnen.

Jack Russell Terrier Lovers - Please come by and say hi. We are a fun and friendly place to talk about JRT's, meet other owners, share photos & stories, etc.

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